30 Minutes in the Life: July 2017

My 30 minutes this month was photographed during a walk across fields to eat Space Invaders and watch planes at the end of the runway.

Next up in the blog circle is the wonderful Sarah Keene. Click here to see her 30 minutes. Sarah is a new addition to the circle and I am so glad she has joined us. Once you have looked at her post you can find out more about her from a recent interview she gave to Snap-Love-Grow.


5 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life: July 2017

  1. Your family walk across the fields was beautifully captured, Julia. Love the striped dress and the details amongst all that flora and fauna. Look forward to seeing what you capture next month.

  2. What a beautiful series, Julia! I particularly love some of the close-focus images and of course the last! Thank you so much for your kind words about me as well. I am so thankful to be here!!

  3. Beautiful as always, Julia 🙂 Your kids are so adorable and I LOVE your daughter’s little ponytail! The fields added such nice depth and let their clothes pop. And your attention to detail is always gorgeous.

  4. I love the adventure that you took your children on. We used to do that with ours as well. It looks like a beautiful field to go walking in. I love the close up on your daughters pony tail. I also love the last image. I always read about stiles in my books about England and so I love the last image. I love all the details. 🙂

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