30 Minutes in the Life: January 2017

For the last few months our family has been in a strange sort of waiting while Ville was still in Istanbul, and the rest of us were (for the most part) somewhere else. Packing up our apartment in Galata weighed on our minds, and I was so glad I was able to leave the children with my Mum and help. We had thought about shipping some of our things, but it was just too expensive, so we knew we had four days in which to give away all our belongings except for a suitcase full each. Important things for the children had already been carried on previous trips but Ville, after 20 years in Turkey, had 28 kilos to play with.

I am so very grateful to all the wonderful people around us for making the clear out not only possible but pleasurable. Small Projects Istanbul came and spent a day helping us pack all our furniture into vans to go to two homes of families newly arrived from Syria. Happily the bins near our apartment are closely monitored so that if you leave anything interesting people arrive in minutes to take it away. It makes it much easier to throw things away, though you have to be careful not to bin anything you don’t want someone to see! Our main problem for the final day was the hundreds of books that we couldn’t carry. We invited anyone who wanted to have a look to pop over and I was so happy we did. All day our wonderful friends came to give our books new homes and send us on our way with love and hugs. At 11pm on the night before our early flight a family came to take what remained to a local theatre so people could come and take them.

This just left our lamp. It might not look like much but when we lived on the Island of Heybeliada and were completely burnt out by work and a year long court case, we bought the lamp in Şişhane, and took it on the ferry in the hope that it’s gentle light would improve the appearance of our linoleum floors. Everything else in our apartment was from the everything shop on the Island and, on the whole, was neither lovely or very functional. When a friend on the Asian side agreed to take it, Ville and I were able to take a little boat pilgrimage to deliver it to Kadiköy.

So here we are saying goodbye and a thousand thank you’s to a city that has given us so many glorious, challenging days.

Next up in the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle is a stunning post from Liz Godfrey Photography. Her use of light and focus is so beautiful. I am so grateful to this incredible group of women for keeping me documenting.

7 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life: January 2017

  1. Oh Julia, I’m sure that final trip packing up your home was full of many different emotions. I’m so glad you were able to capture your ferry trip with the lamp! I will miss your photographs from Istanbul, but look forward to many new adventures in your new home!

  2. Oh Julia, what a beautiful post. You conveyed the bittersweet tone of this experience so perfectly into this set. I can just feel the emotions as I’m looking. Beautifully done.

  3. Such a beautiful post and heartfelt post. Looking forward to all your new adventures through photos!

  4. Oh Julia, how hard to pack up and say goodbye after all the years you have spent there. Thank you for all the beautiful images you have shared from Turkey. Blogging with you has opened up my eyes to such beauty. I wish you everything of the very best on your new adventure. I look forward to seeing images from your new home. I love the image with both your feet. It is so intimate and personal.

  5. What a bittersweet trip! I’m so glad you managed to re-home all your loved things <3
    These photos are beautiful, full of gorgeous rich tones and textures xxx

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