30 Minutes in the Life November

The children have been ill a lot this winter as they get used to being with lots of other children for the first time. It’s lovely having them with me in our cosy new home all day except it makes it so difficult to work, and I feel a growing despair as working hours are lost (though they are gained by hours of stories and cuddles). These pictures were taken over five minutes rather than thirty but this project is so important to me I didn’t want to miss adding something.

Next up in the blog circle this month is the exciting photography of Sonja Stich Fotografías, who is currently in Barcelona. She is always experimenting and pushing herself and this month she brings incredible movement into her 30 minutes.


One thought on “30 Minutes in the Life November

  1. Love love LOVE! These are so beautiful! It’s amazing what the right five minutes can yield. What a gorgeous set- these should be big on your wall somewhere.

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