Pera Patisserie

Since we moved to Galata I have walked (rather slowly) past the Patisserie at the Pera Palas Hotel a couple of times a week. Today seemed a good day to finally walk through the door and eat cake. Ruskin and I took Neve for delicious elevenses in the pretty pink café. We made it up to the boys, who were stuck in school, with packages of treats for when they got home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Patisserie de Pera

waiting for cake

Pera Patisserie


the cakes arrive




r and n

tucking in

red and pink

cramming it in


sad to go

coat on

bye bye

2 thoughts on “Pera Patisserie

  1. Love these images, Julia! Beautiful! And the little tea shop looks so pretty. Wish I could come and share a treat with you!

  2. Oh, you never cease to amaze me! These are just so lovely! I’m speechless. I especially love the last one – ready to get out the door with her hat and jacket on. That treat also looks delicious! Great job.

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