Istanbul Birth Story

It is impossible to express how grateful I am to the families who have invited me to document the birth of their children. The births of my own children were incredibly positive experiences, and while I am happy those baby days are over for me, I love being asked to come into the cave of bliss a new baby brings and capture the first, fast hours. I love being witness to the gorgeous courage of women. It is also one of the experiences that Istanbul has enabled me to have, as photographers are able to follow the whole birth in theatre or delivery room.

This birth story began with a maternity session the day after I returned from Sweden, and a message the very next morning to say that contractions had started! Although it initially looked like a Cesarean section would be performed at mid-day, the mother delivered her baby naturally that evening. This was a vaginal birth following a previous Cesarean. The woman in the pictures with the mother during labour is a Doula, there to give support and advice.

Although this birth took place a few months ago now I still get goosebumps at having caught the first second that this mother touched both her daughters at the same time. And all the other firsts…

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