30 Minutes in the Life March 2016

It has been difficult not to give in to some fear after the bombing so close to our home last week. I have been taking the children towards the less touristy parts of our neighbourhood, but just didn’t have the heart for longer trips. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, there were warnings of possible attacks on churches, and my crowded part of town felt claustrophobic, so I was delighted when a dear friend invited us to celebrate Easter on the Asian side of the city. It is always a pleasure to get on the ferryboats. It’s the quickest way to get some perspective on the beauty of this extraordinary city. Our children spent their first years on an Island over an hour away by boat, and the time on the water has always been a chance to just be with them, looking out at the view or getting sleepy watching shifts of light. This 30 minutes is two 15 minute ferry journeys: Karaköy to Kadiköy, and back again, after friends and hugs, cake and fun. I am ready for a braver week.

Next up in the blog circle is 30 minutes in Barbados during which the beautiful Aniya, of Life Photography by Aniya, has a moment alone with her husband.

4 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life March 2016

  1. I love your ferry ride images. Having just done a 2 hour ferry ride I know how it feels. You got some great images. I think my favorite is the hand on the window. The bokeh in the image of your older son looking out the window is so beautiful and it is a gorgeous image. Like you I have also been worried about the bombings. I told Amy not to travel around too much.

  2. I love what you captured and feel like I’m on that ferry ride too! It is a crazy time at the moment and I completely understand how you are feeling. Even though I never want fear to hold me back from doing what I want — at this point in time I feel less enthusiasm to going to any crowded public places.

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