Before They Said ‘Yes’!!

I have to admit that I wasn’t at all sure that I wanted to photograph weddings in Istanbul. Here registry offices run their own racket photographing the whole thing, including lining everyone up with the couple for a group shot afterwards, and then selling them 5 minutes later untouched and straight out the printer. Lots of hotels here have their own photographers who have paid a fee to have exclusivity. Maybe not the best environment for wedding photography to flourish. But when I got a phone call at 8pm to ask if I could step in and photograph a wedding the next day I just couldn’t leave them without a photographer. We met at the Divan Hotel in Taksim where the bridal party was gathering, and suddenly there was the bride and groom, and I was completely swept up in the romance of the day. It did turn out that I took pictures of the ceremony with two official photographers from the registry office in front of me, and I couldn’t photograph the reception because the restaurant had their own, but on a day as important as this even a walk through a car park can be total magic!

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