30 Minutes in the Life August: Hello, Hagia Sofia

Without any doubt one of the best things about Istanbul is that it has the Hagia S0phia in it. This epic mountain of a building was the world’s largest cathedral for nearly 1000 years. Sabrina, my friend since we both lived on the Islands (her on Büyükada and me on Heybeliada), took her friend Coco to see this wonder of the world for the first time this week and I tagged along to watch them look.

30 Minutes in the Life is a (damn fine) blog circle. Next stop this month is Ireland where Meagan Dwyer Photography took some stunning photographs of sheep shearing.

6 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life August: Hello, Hagia Sofia

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  2. WOW!!! I’ve always wanted to visit the Hagia Sofia and now I feel like I have, thanks to you! These are absolutely breathtaking photos, Julia!!!!

  3. Wow Julia these are gorgeous. I love the 4th image down and the image with the scaffolding. The place looks incredible and it looks like a place to be on a bucket list. Thank you for sharing this incredible place.

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