The children are getting too quick for me: I am so often chasing them down paths into their own worlds. Anton’s inner universe is populated by a few people and a lot of Mario characters. I love listening to the children’s flights of imagination but I cannot see their lands, and it’s often hard to empathise about the ogres and goblins that are always just out of sight. Playing with Neve amongst beautiful roses I am alarmed by huge thorns so close to her skin. So much of life now is spent removing real and imagined threats from my children’s path.

When I was less than 20 years older than my beloved Neve my own parents watched me take a path directly into a mass of thorns that would take years to fight my way out of. I couldn’t find a direction that made me feel complete until I met Ville seven years ago. On Monday we will be legally married, and on Thursday my family will be in Finland with me to celebrate our wedding. Despite our time together containing epic practical struggles, this is my fairytale. It’s a fairytale where our wedding rings were chosen while Neve shouted for cake, and the future is something we are bracing ourselves for,  but it is nevertheless total magic.

5 thoughts on “Fairytale

  1. Julia, this fills my heart. I am so incredibly happy you and hope that the upcoming celebrations and all of your shared life after the celebrations fade are filled with joy.

  2. A more fairytale jorney for your lives not even Anton’s imagination could have imagined. Here’s to the happily ever after, dear friend. Love you.

  3. So happy for you, Julia! I was just thinking of you yesterday ironically and wondering how things were going in your life. I had no idea it was your wedding day! Congratulations! I hope your time of celebration with your family is lovely, and as always I will look forward to your pictures. 🙂

  4. Oh, Julia… this post filled me up. I got emotional reading it and looking at your photos. It is amazing where life takes us all… and your journey will continue to unfold in unexpected and exciting ways, no doubt! Here’s to a life filled with love and joy. Congratulations, again!

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