30 Minutes in the Life in May

Yesterday I needed to get new passport pictures for the tribe so we picked Matti up from school and went to the classic Moripek Studio at Taksim to get the job done. For the first time this involved no persuasion or bribes which made me so happy I took them all to Bambi for ayran, and then to blow bubbles in Gezi Park.

I am so grateful for all the mundane yet marvellous moments I have recorded thanks to my 30 Minutes in the Life collaborative project. Every month we put together a blog circle that takes you on a fantastic photographic journey. Next up this month is a stunningly beautiful series of photographs by the ever marvellous Charlotte Kitchenside. As well as being an incredible wedding and lifestyle photographer in Essex in the UK she is a great support to other photographers.

11 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life in May

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  3. great 30 minutes! i am just so fascinated by all of you who get to live in such cool places!! so interesting.

    and i LOVE the shot of your daughter – the b&w one with the glee all over her face. <3

  4. We just did the whole passport story as well. It will be nice when it comes back. I love the photograph of all the kids leaning up against the wall. I also love your daughters expression in the black and white photo after the bubbles. So full of excitement. They look like they had a great deal of fun.

    • Julia, I always love your posts. Your kids are so adorable and these moments are just beautiful and full of so much life.

  5. What a fun outing to photograph 🙂 I love the “behind the scenes” photo of the kids lined up agains the wall waiting to be photographed. The bubble photos are great, as well!!

  6. Beautiful as always Julia. You make a mundane chore look so vibrant! Your daughter’s face as she had her passport photo shot made me chuckle – she (actually, all your kids) are so full of character!

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