Five Walls: Some Pictures From a Workshop With Arja Hyytiainen.

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and for weeks I had been desperately hoping that I would be spending it completing a five day workshop with Arja Hyytianen. The workshop at Salt Galata was free but limited to 12 participants selected by GApo. I love the raw emotional immediacy of Arja’s work and wanted to find a way forward for myself that was more honest and intense. I started the workshop last Saturday and spent the five days giddy to be there and nervous as hell. The first two days was spent reviewing portfolios as a group, giving us three days to produce and deliver a series. I had so many ideas of what to create, but when it came to it Arja sent me off to make a personal journey within the walls of my apartment. It actually turned out that Arja used to go out with Ville’s friend (also called Ville) when they were teenagers, and Ville and I soaked up all the time we got to spend with this incredible woman over the last few days. Last night all the workshop participants presented their work at Salt, and then we went down to Karak√∂y for meze and raki. When I got home the kids were still up and Ruskin had organised cake. A day to hang on to. Here are a few of the pictures I took over the last few days…

3 thoughts on “Five Walls: Some Pictures From a Workshop With Arja Hyytiainen.

  1. These are just brilliant and what I love most is that there are photos of you and Ville. Completely stunning! Love you all xxx

  2. oh good lord, friend! I see it! I see the inspiration that has erupted out of this workshop. These are fantastic! The portrait with the shadow hand? Really really wonderful…I’m going to go back to looking at these for a while.

  3. I can’t even. raw, whole, mesmerising…just, yes. Neve’s belly squishing perfects it.

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