Life in Loud: Breakfast in Three Languages

It’s been a gloomy few weeks weeks in Istanbul with lots of snow and wind. Ville and I had arranged to visit our friends Anna and Cenk across the Bosphorus, on the Asian side of the city last Thursday, and it turned out to be the first day of glorious sunshine and warmth. We sat outside on the twenty minute boat ride feeling renewed by the rays, and then arrived to a beautiful breakfast already laid out. Anna’s mother had just arrived from Germany and brought delicious things for the table, and Cenk’s mother contributed wonderful butter and fig jam from her home region. Cenk’s börek was made even more mouth-watering by the mix of German and Turkish cheeses it contained. So on an ordinary Thursday morning we had breakfast in three languages with sunshine and champagne, and it felt like a holiday.

After breakfast, when Anna and Cenk’s scrumptious son was sleepy, I photographed him as he was washed and breastfed and laid down in his birthday suit to enjoy the sunshine coming in through the window.

Last week, totally out of the blue, I was asked to join Life in Loud as a weekly contributor. The member who asked me, Juli Isola has been a wonderful inspiration since we ‘met’ on an on-line critique course many photographs ago. This wonderful community of female photographers are exactly what I need to encourage me to make and share a picture I am happy with once a week. I am so grateful to them, and to Anna and Cenk for letting me photograph some of the very best things in life.

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