30 Minutes in the Life: February 2015

This was one of those months were I can’t imagine I held onto a thought for any longer than 10 minutes. All the children were at home because of a bug and then snow days, and then Ville had a small operation and a couple of weeks at home to recover. All my concentration is broken up into the bits of time between work (that I am delighted to have) and the (perfectly legitimate) requests of my family. It is also wonderful to just all be together but I do long to find a little bit of silence, just me and my camera.

I love the work of photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen and was really excited to find a great interview with him on Lensculture. He describes being at a prestigious 5 day photography workshop in New York and creating images that were so boring and derivative that the tutor told him to take a day off to think. Minkkinen decided to create the portrait he imagined Diane Arbus taking of him, and found a mirror outside a barn and stripped off his clothes. The resulting picture marked a transformative moment for Minkkenen’s art. Watching the interview I got the feeling that he fell into his reflective grave and found his voice!

I know though that voices are found by using them, and, when you don’t have days set aside to think, 30 minutes can go a long way. So I took a mirror, some jam jars and the wild chestnuts gathered on a school trip, and went with my beautiful bonus child to play on the roof.

And now carry on round our inspiring blog circle by looking at the wonderful work of Allison Wheeler of Poetry and Prose Photography in Norman, Oklahoma.

10 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life: February 2015

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  2. Julia, These are awesome! I love the ones that look like you are shooting through the jars. How fantastic! Very awesome post!

  3. Wow Julia, how very creative. I am so taken with them all. I wish I could think out the box like that. My favorite is the second photo down. I also love those through the glass jar. What a great share this month.

  4. WOW! Just WOW! These are so inspirational!!! I’m in love!!! I am totally trying some of your techniques here!! Brilliant!!!!

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