Birth Story

I was so honoured to document the arrival of a new member of this wonderful family. These are the Mother’s words:

Becoming a parent for the second time is truly a gift. It is almost like being given a second chance – not to fix past mistakes or do things differently, but rather to simply “be” more. You are able to take what you have learned from parenting the first child and now, with more confidence, wisdom and presence come back to do it again. I approached birth with no expectations this time and even though I prepared to deliver my son naturally, when he could not come out, having a c-section was still miraculous in every way.

There is nothing like labor pain to put you in the moment and nowhere else. There is nothing like waking up from unconsciousness to make you feel alive again. After birth just staring, just being, just breastfeeding, just smiling or crying, just watching my belly shrink, just seeing my scar heal, just sleeping and just being more present than ever before. What a gift.

Perhaps the biggest joy of a second child is the gift of a sibling. Witnessing my older son meet his baby brother moved me immensely. The joy is indescribable. So is coming home and enjoying again all the “firsts”….for the second time.

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