30 Minutes in the Life November: Morning Milk

This is definitely the most honest and intimate series of pictures I have ever posted, and meaningful to me in many ways. One of the wonderful things about them is that they are taken by the other half of the Journey Collective, Martina Korkmaz, and processed by me, in an example of the kind of collaboration I love. It is a great thing to feel in tune with another photographer and support each other. I am so grateful for all the ways in which her talent enriches my life, and am overwhelmed by the gift of these pictures.

I asked Martina to take these pictures after reading some words by 30 Minutes in the Life’s own Cindy Cavanagh. I knew that I was at the very end of a breastfeeding journey seven years long. I had breastfed my eldest (now 18) for two years, and then the two little ones, one after the other, for the last 5.  I wanted to have a few images that captured the connection and warmth of feeding my children before I did it for the last time. Martina came early in the morning and was so calm and quiet that my daughter continued sleeping and feeding, and so she recorded the way Neve and I had begun each day for two and half years. Two weeks after these pictures were taken I weaned my daughter.  I know that these will always be some of the most precious pictures I have.

Keep on going round our blog circle, there are lots of treats in store. Next stop is the wonderful Mary Slone Photography | Memphis Lifestyle Photographer.

10 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life November: Morning Milk

  1. Dearest Julia. These are so so beautiful. Stunning work by you both! I cannot even put into words how much I love these photos. I even had a little lump in my throat looking at them.

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  3. these are really so sweet and beautiful 🙂 it’s so wonderful that you were able to document this, not only for you but for your daughter to see one day as well.

  4. Oh Julia, these brought tears to my eyes. They are so beautiful and honest and tender. Thank you thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful beyond words. What a treasure to have these precious photos. I adore the 7th one. And how lucky for you to have found such a wonderful photography partner. Makes me so happy to see you doing so well. You absolutely deserve it!

  6. What an incredible blog Julia. There is nothing more beautiful that seeing the intimacy of a mother and child. I do love the image where your daughter is looking up at you, and the very last one where she is so content. You have given your daughter a wonderful start in life and that is so important, if you are able to do that. There will always be that special moment for the two of you. Thank you for having the courage to share these stunning images and thank you Martina Korkmaz for your beautiful photography.

  7. These are incredibly beautiful Julia! Martina captured the love and warmth so perfectly. I feel cosy just looking at them. I am in awe, the light, the feeling and the softness, they are perfect! xxx

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