Sophie’s World

When I lived on Heybeliada I got very lucky that one of the other inhabitants of the Island was Sophie. She is a deep person who is not afraid to live an epic life. When I am afraid of dreaming big Sophie is the voice that says ‘of course you can’. Now I live in Galata, and Sophie and her husband Hakan have built a strawbale house 1000 metres up a mountain in Antalya. Last weekend I finally got to see Sophie in her new world and it was spectacular. Ville and I traveled by ourselves for the first time in 5 years, no wriggly kids to occupy on the plane. As soon as we were on the bus towards the mountains I felt my spirits lift higher than they ever do in the city. We got to snuggle in a tent (safely inside a nearly renovated house), eat Sophie’s amazing cooking, and look down on the clouds.


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