Finland Frames

This is the fourth summer I have spent July in Finland. From around May, as Istanbul heats up, I begin to wait for our month in the country. One of the greatest pleasures of July is watching the kids in nature during the long, long evenings. And of course the light, which is somehow both excessive and perfectly subtle.

3 thoughts on “Finland Frames

  1. My lovely talented friend.

    Of course I have been stalking on Flickr and I just cannot even find the words to explain how much I love these photos from Finland. I am just blown away.

    Cannot wait to see you.

    Much love to everyone xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous images, Julia! #16 of Neve bathing(?) in the bucket literally made me catch my breath! Love the way you have used the light.

  3. oh julia, your photos are so enchanting!! it all looks so serene, idyllic, pretty and ethereal. wish we were in finland hanging out w you guys! how lovely to have this yearly ritual for your family – enjoy it! xx

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