Critique Intensive with Stacie Turner

Last year, on my birthday, Ville and other family and friends clubbed together to buy me my lovely camera. It’s been a year of great growth for me, a year of continuing to take photographs and try new things every day. So it seemed like a good idea to spend the week before my birthday thinking about where I wanted to go next. My birthday present this year was a week long intensive on-line critique course with photographer Stacie Turner. I am a long time admirer of Stacie’s work, and love her family portraits, to which she brings the depth and skill of fine art photography. The quality of her work is utterly consistent, whether it is an exacting portrait or a piece full of movement and mystery.

During the week we were given four assignments. Each one made me think and shoot a lot. The week is very manageable (even with work and four kids) because you just shoot whenever you can, and it just takes a few moments to post them to the forum for Stacie to review. Every time I posted pictures Stacie gave fast and thorough feedback.

Below are the pictures I took for the assignment ‘Through a Glass, Possibly Darkly’. My friend Nil came round early in the morning and we used the glass and reflective surfaces in my apartment. A few hours later Stacie had already written to me and given me lots to think about. You know that you have chosen the right person to critique you when you are told something didn’t work, and you feel nothing but satisfaction in having seen your image in a new way. Everything she said to me felt true and useful. The lovely surprise is that I got some wonderful praise. The kind of praise that gives you the confidence to trust your own eye, and the direction you want to go.

The workshop ended on my birthday and I found that what I had given myself by signing up to Stacie’s critique was some great affirmation, lots of clear things to think about, and added confidence to push forward again. Through a Glass Näl Nil Behind Door Glass Through Nil Mirror Mirror Two Flowers

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